Mashed Up 4


Introducing Mashed Up Volume 4 from MX Fit! Each track in this album features two well known songs blended into a ‘mash up’ to create a whole new sound!

The album is delivered as 3 separate mixes:

Warm Up Mix | 130 BPM | 9:59: kicking off with a fantastic mash up of tracks from Donna Summer and Usher!

Main Mix | 135-145 BPM | 44:04: smash the main workout with mash ups including Rihanna vs. Metallica, Gorillaz vs. Donna Summer, Guns ‘N’ Roses vs. Killers and Coldplay vs. Bon Jovi!

Cool Down Mix | 120-105 BPM | 9:53: Bring the tempo down with Ellie Goulding vs. Maroon 5 and Soul II Soul vs. Sean Kingston!

The audio for the Warm Up and Main Mix are taken from the archived album Mashed Up 5 from Pure Energy.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Mashed Up 4: Warm Up MixMX Fit1309:59
2 Mashed Up 4: Main MixMX Fit135-14544:04
3 Mashed Up 4: Cool Down MixMX Fit120-1059:53
Mashed Up 4: Warm Up Mix
MX Fit
0:00 / 09:59
130 BPM


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