MX Fit is a music service that is tailor-made for fitness instructors, and it’s powered by Mastermix, the UK’s leading DJ music service.

With a rich history in the music industry, including its previous affiliation with Pure Energy, MX Fit launches with a core back catalogue of releases and will grow month by month, adding new music mixes to keep your playlists fresh and your participants engaged.

Image showing 5 people doing a step class


MX Fit has a rich history deeply intertwined with the worlds of music and fitness. Originally part of the renowned Pure Energy fitness music service, MX Fit is a division of Mastermix, Europe’s largest DJ music service. Having worked across Pure Energy and Mastermix for many years, the production team behind MX Fit boasts a wealth of knowledge about creating energizing and motivating soundtracks to fill both the dancefloor and the studio floor.


All MX Fit mixes are created using the ‘original artist’ recordings of well known songs. From timeless tracks of the 60s to pop and dance hits, MX Fit delivers the music that your classes will know and love. Whether it’s high-intensity interval training, step, or aerobics, our music will set the right mood and keep your participants motivated.

MX Fit offers 4 main product ranges: ‘Essential’ albums feature the radio edits of songs that are well recognised by class members of all ages; ‘Reimagined’ releases push the boundaries a little by introducing reworked and modernised versions of classic hits. The Mashed Up range has always been a favourite with fitness instructors, featuring 2 track ‘mash ups’ that blend seamlessly to deliver an entirely new sound. Intervals albums are structured into Protocols with timed intervals and vocal commands, perfect for HiiT, LiiT and more!


Following feedback from the group fitness market, all MX Fit albums are split into individual sections for Warm Up Mix, Main Mix (or Protocols if it’s an Intervals album) and Cool Down Mix, to allow instructors to select different sections from different albums if they want to ‘mix and match’ their music.

All albums are delivered as digital MP3 files, which can be downloaded directly to your computer or played from a device or tablet using a music player app. Click here for our guide on using the VLC Music Player.

MX Fit and Mastermix are fully licensed by PPL and PRS to supply music mixes to the fitness industry. Because the mixes feature copyrighted music, you must ensure you have the appropriate music licences in place to play it in public or online.


MX Fit has launched with a core catalogue of classic mixes for group fitness classes, but that’s just the beginning! Every month we’ll be releasing brand new fitness music mixes and we’re keen to know what you’d like to hear! Get in touch via our social media channels for music recommendations and suggestions, we’re listening!