Essential Pop Party


Introducing Essential Pop Party from MX Fit, a dynamic fitness music album created exclusively for group fitness classes.

Essential Pop Party features all the cheesiest pop party tunes your classes are going to love singing along to!

Warm Up Mix | 120-125 BPM | 10:18: Get your session going with a burst of energy, featuring the tracks ‘Spinning Around’ and ‘Don’t Stop Movin’’.

Main Mix | 125-135 BPM | 44:06: Keep the momentum going with the main mix, featuring hits from the Sugababes, Madonna, Five, Aqua and Girls Aloud!

Cool Down Mix | 110 BPM | 09:39: Wind down your classes seamlessly with the constant 110 BPM cool down mix featuring the smash hit ‘Rock DJ’ from Robbie Williams.

This is a brand new music production, exclusive to MX Fit!

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Essential Pop Party: Warm Up MixMX Fit120-12510:18
2 Essential Pop Party: Main MixMX Fit125-13543:07
3 Essential Pop Party: Cool Down MixMX Fit1109:40
Essential Pop Party: Warm Up Mix
MX Fit
0:00 / 10:18
120-125 BPM


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