Essential Hi-NRG


Essential Hi-NRG is the electrifying new fitness music album from MX Fit!

Designed specifically for group fitness classes, this album is packed with timeless Hi-NRG classics that will keep your classes energized and motivated from start to finish. Perfect to celebrate Pride fitness events, or just to add that extra sparkle to any group fitness session!

Warm Up Mix | 125-135 BPM | 9:45: Kick off the session with a burst of energy from Bananarama, Sinitta and Kylie!

Main Mix | 135-145 BPM | 45:19: Keep the energy high with the main mix, featuring hits from the Dead Or Alive, Divine, Gloria Gaynor, Scissor Sisters and Bronski Beat!

Cool Down Mix | 120-115 BPM | 10:35: Wind down your classes seamlessly with the cool down mix featuring tracks from Erasure and Dua Lipa!

This is a brand new music production, exclusive to MX Fit!

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Essential Hi-NRG: Warm Up MixMX Fit125-1359:45
2 Essential Hi-NRG: Main MixMX Fit135-14545:19
3 Essential Hi-NRG: Cool Down MixMX Fit120-11510:35
Essential Hi-NRG: Warm Up Mix
MX Fit
0:00 / 09:45
125-135 BPM


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