Essential 60s


Introducing Essential 60s from MX Fit, a dynamic fitness music album created exclusively for group fitness classes.

Immerse your classes in the timeless hits of the 60s, featuring all the original tracks meticulously crafted into three invigorating mixes:

Warm Up Mix | 130 BPM | 9:48: Kickstart your classes with the sounds of the decade such as ‘Baby Come Back’ and ‘Out Of Time’.

Main Mix |130-135 BPM | 44:33: With hits from the Foundations, Rolling Stones, Hollies, Dusty Springfield and Roy Orbison, the beats rise from 130 to 135 BPM, perfect for Aerobics and Step sessions.

Cool Down Mix | 115-110 BPM | 10:03: Let your participants relax and stretch to the sounds of the Mamas & the Papas and the Kinks as the tempo decreases to end your session.

The audio for the Warm Up and Main Mix are taken from the archived album Back To The Sixties from Pure Energy. 

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Essential 60s: Warm Up MixMX Fit1309:48
2 Essential 60s: Main MixMX Fit130-13544:33
3 Essential 60s: Cool Down MixMX Fit115-11010:03
Essential 60s: Warm Up Mix
MX Fit
0:00 / 09:48
130 BPM


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